Working Papers

The Lock-In Effects of Part-Time Unemployment Benefits.

with Hélène Benghalem and Pierre Cahuc

We ran a large randomized controlled experiment among about 150,000 recipients of unemployment benefits insurance in France in order to evaluate the impact of part-time unemployment benefits. We took advantage of the lack of knowledge of job seekers regarding this program and sent emails presenting the program. The information provision had a significant positive impact on the propensity to work while on claim, but reduced the unemployment exit rate, showing important lock-in effects into unemployment associated with part-time unemployment benefits. The extension of the duration of compensated unemployment counterbalanced the increase in the number of days worked while on claim so that the net expenditure of unemployment insurance remained unchanged.

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The Benefits of Early Work Experience for School Dropouts: Evidence from a Field Experiment

with Jérémy Hervelin

This paper investigates whether work experience gained through a subsidized job program can improve the employment prospects of young school dropouts. Relying on a correspondence study field experiment conducted in France, we find that the chances to be invited for a job interview are more than doubled (from 7.6 percent to 19.3 percent) when youths signal a one-year job related experience in their résumé -- either in the private or public sector; either certified or not -- compared to youths who remained mainly inactive after dropping out from high school. We show that this effect is fairly stable across firm, contract or labor market characteristics, and also when testing another channel of application where resumes were sent spontaneously to firms.

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Work in Progress

The Role of Caseworkers in the Labor Market Integration of Young Unemployed: Evidence from France.

with Jérémy Hervelin

About 13% of young people aged 15–29-year-old were not in employment, education, or training (NEET) in OECD countries in 2019. As a part of the public employment services, the Mission Locales agencies are specially dedicated to young people who face major labor market integration issues in France. We propose to use the quasi-random allocation of caseworkers to youths to study how caseworkers can affect the future trajectories of young unemployed. Preliminary evidence show that caseworkers with higher placement rates in a formalized job search assistance program positively affect the employment outcomes of youths: top tercile caseworkers are found to increase youths' total number of days of employment by about 11 days two years after their first meeting with a youth, which corresponds to a 5% increase, in comparison with bottom tercile caseworkers.

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Policy Reports (In French)

Discrimination à l’embauche selon le sexe : les enseignements d’un testing de grande ampleur.

Joint collaboration between Dares, IPP, and ISM Corum
Media Coverage: Ouest France, LCI, l’Humanité

Y a-t-il de la discrimination à l’embauche selon le sexe parmi les candidatures d’origine maghrébine ?

Joint collaboration between Dares IPP and ISM Corum
Media Coverage: La Dépêche

Discrimination à l’embauche des personnes d’origine supposée maghrébine : quels enseignements d’une grande étude par testing ?

Joint collaboration between Dares, IPP, and ISM Corum
Media Coverage: Le Monde, Les Echos, France Inter

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